Drop bar road bike, ready for anything

Randonneuring is a form of cycling where intrepid riders will set out to achieve long distances. Not at any great pace, but just for the love of riding their bikes.

This is our take on a comfortable and fun road bike. Large tyre clearance and disc brakes allow for worry-free adventuring, letting you focus on the ride. From broken roads to long mountain passes, the Ranonneur is designed for real British road conditions. Equally happy riding around town as it is covering long distances, the Randonneur is a perfect bike for everything. The classic looks and styling will keep you coming back to the bike for more and more trips.

With the choice of modern STI gear shifters for ease of use, or the simple, classic bar-end friction shifters for ultimate reliability.

A straight-bladed cro-mo fork gives comfort over rougher terrain. With multiple mounting points down the fork you can load the bike up with a full touring rack front and rear, or a more stripped back bike-packing style with fork mounted cages.

We use an 8-speed Shimano drivetrain and Sora disc brakes for reliability and longevity. Supple and comfy tyres for smooth riding over country lanes and gravel paths alike.

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