UPSO Potters Pannier (various colours) [P1081]


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Made from upcycled lorry tarpaulin, the Potters Rear Pannier is UPSO’s answer for carrying things on your bicycle. Its roll top design and bombproof construction allow varying load sizes whilst remaining extremely water proof, perfect for being on the move. It has a shoulder strap so it can also be carried comfortably off the bike. It fixes onto your bike with Quick Clip, the latest Quick Release system from Carradice, and is suitable for rack tubing up to 13mm in diameter.


  • Fits on left or right side of bike
  • Roll top closure
  • Shoulder strap
  • Capacity from 12 L to 21 L
  • Wipe clean
  • Water resistant
  • Quick Clip pannier system

Dimensions (cm)

  • Width – 33 at top, 26 at base
  • Height – 58 (open), 40 (rolled closed)
  • Depth – 14.5

Current stock may vary in colour and pattern from the photograph, UPSO panniers are made from recycled lorry tarpaulin and each pannier is therefore different and unique

More about UPSO panniers

Lorry tarpaulins provide a waterproof, durable fabric that would otherwise end up as landfill once its life on the road ends. UPSO brings together recyclable materials with considered and functional design to create distinctive and unique bags with a stylish edge.

The environmental impact of UPSO bags is limited by sourcing materials locally and undertaking the whole process in one Lancashire factory, which uses solar energy to power the sewing machines. The tarps are cleaned, hand cut and sewn into bags ready for customer selection. Further upcycling uses old fire hoses and seat belt webbing as components.

The UPSO range is designed for people who want a bag that is different and individual. Due to the varied previous lives of the the lorry tarps and the way they are selected and processed, no two bags are the same. As well as being given a unique reference number, each bag is signed by its maker. On foot or on two wheels, UPSO owners are guaranteed a completely original bag.