Meet the Team

From touring cyclists to downhill mountain bikers, we are a broad and friendly bunch of cyclists. Our welcoming and knowledgeable staff are always on hand to answer all your questions. Our team will guide you through the process of choosing your new bike, from your original dreams to delivery, and beyond. We want to make the experience as easy and simple as possible.


Jake Voelcker


The brains of the business. Jake set up Bristol Bicycles to get as many people cycling as possible. He’s not a racer or road cyclist and doesn’t have a competitive bone in his body. Cycling for Jake is sustainable transport and will one day save the world.

A fettler at heart, he’s either working on our website, or in the workshop tinkering with new ideas. Jake designs the frames and forks of our bikes, and works with the rest of the team to research, source and test (to destruction!) all the other components.

He’s often zipping across Bristol on his humble city bike, though he also sometimes rides a 1950s Raleigh. Outside of work, Jake can be found relaxing at the Clifton Lido or unearthing hidden treasure as a volunteer archaeologist.


Colin Fan


Colin is our manager, looking after the business, staff and customers. Although he’s recently become a dad, believe it or not his jokes have always been bad!

He might not ride as much as he would like but that won’t stop him from reading, learning and getting clued up about every new trend and technical gizmo.

Most famous for his 26-inch wheeled pre-gravel utility On-one Inbred, he’s now swapped it for a custom Bristol Bicycles step-through expedition bike. A rad dad bike like no other!

Colin is the playlist master, with a firm grip on the workshop speakers: everyone’s taste must pass the test before being they are given musical control.


George Dibble

Marketing and Sales

George is our marketing and sales guy. He spends almost every waking minute either riding or thinking about bikes. With a love for the slightly niche side of cycling, he is often cooking up new routes, from long-distance road rides to slower off-road explorations. Currently George is enjoying the stupid joys of fixed gear gravel.

It’s his job to make us all look pretty and make sure all you guys are happy throughout the process of buying a bike.

George rides a Bristol Bicycle that somewhere between the Randonneur and our Dutch model, mainly as a party pace touring rig.


Joe Taylor

Servicing & Repairs

Joe is our main mechanic in the workshop, all servicing goes through him. After working in a few larger chain shops there is almost nothing he’s not seen.

Spending his lunchtimes sifting through online marketplaces, Joe is the master of the parts-bin-bike. From old mountain bike conversions to utilitarian shopping wagons, if you’ve got an old frame Joe is the man for renovations.

He has no Bristol Bicycle as yet, but has been eyeing up or new Adventure model. When not building bikes Joe can be found exploring the local gravel tracks, in the climbing gym, or being the proud dad of his 5-year old son.


Ben Rogers

Bike Builder

Ben is our apprentice mechanic and bike builder. If you you’ve bought a bike in the last 12 months, chances are Ben built it.

He’s more at home on dirt than the roads and can often be found “shredding the gnar” at the nearest downhill tracks. That said, it’s not uncommon to see him razzing around town on his very own Bristol Bicycles Sport model.


Nicky Coates


We’re not allowed to say anything mean about Nicky, she pays our wages! Ex-Sustrans and a strong advocate for cycling, Nicky takes on all the bookkeeping and financial admin for us, as well as proofreading our blog posts, newsletters and social media content.

Nicky rides one of the first electric bikes ever built by Bristol Bicycles – it remains in daily use and is still going strong.

Outside of work, Nicky is a keen folk singer-songwriter who also reads, writes, edits and proofreads books.


Adam Faraday

Wheel Builder

He may not work in the workshop but without him we’d be stuck. Adam builds our wheels, although we hardly ever see him… he sneaks in at night to deliver each fresh batch!

Spending time across several of Bristol’s bike shops, Adam has picked up a few tricks along the way. Our hand-built wheels are a vital part of our bikes and keep them rolling for many years to come.

Whenever we do see him, Adam often brings his dog… what’s not to love about a workshop pooch? With a plethora of bikes and motorbikes at Adam’s disposal, we’ve almost never seen him on the same machine two days in a row.