Cycle Hire Terms & Conditions

* The bike(s) & accessories are in good condition and have no faults (unless listed). I accept responsibility for any damage which occurs during my hire and will pay for all repairs. I agree not to skid the tyres on braking.
* Whenever the bike is parked I will lock it securely and keep all accessories safe. I leave the bike unattended at my own risk (even if locked), and I agree to be liable for any loss or theft during my hire period.
* It is my responsibility to return damaged or unrideable bikes to Bristol. Jake’s Bikes cannot offer a callout service to repair or collect bikes. Bike(s) should not be ridden with flat tyres or when damaged.
* I agree to leave a photo ID for the duration of hire (or £450 cash deposit per bicycle) plus £5 deposit per key.
* Groups of five or more must pay a £600 deposit (in addition to leaving photo ID) which will be returned after all bikes have been fully checked and serviced after hire. Jake’s Bikes reserve the right to refuse hire to groups.
* I am a competent cyclist. I will cycle safely, adhere to all road rules, and will not cycle whilst drunk.
* I will ride the bike on-road only, and will not use for mountain biking, or carry any passenger or excessive loads.
* Hire bike(s) must be returned to Jake’s Bikes by 5:30pm on the last day of hire (or by 9:30am on the following morning by prior arrangement). I agree to pay additional hire charges in full for any bike(s) not returned on time. Jake’s Bikes cannot open late or arrive out-of-hours to receive bikes being returned outside normal times.
* I agree to pay a £10 cleaning charge if hire bike(s) are returned in excessively dirty condition. If I clean the bike(s), I agree not to use a pressure-washer or jet-wash. I agree not to adjust or modify the bike in any way.
* All bookings are final. Jake’s Bikes reserve the right not to refund cancellations or any portion of unused hire.

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