Drop bar road bike with a boost

The E-Randonneur is for the intrepid explorer looking to broaden their horizons. It’s a road bike with a twist: electric assistance means you can keep going further and faster.

Bored of the day to day bustle of city cycling, the same old grey metropolis? The E-Randonneur is your passport out there, take the road less ridden and explore further afield. Although its true home is out on the open road, this is no one-trick pony and the E-Randonneur is the perfect companion for day-to-day city life, popping to the shop or heading out on the school run. Our E-bikes are here to make life easier.

The lightweight battery offers enough punch for the biggest hills without weighing you down over a long ride. Simply turn the assistance off and enjoy the simple pleasures of cycling, or switch it back on to keep that easy feeling when the going gets tough.

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