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From the everyday commuter to the world traveller

We are on a mission to get more people cycling. Riding bikes has a huge benefit not only to your health and fitness but to the environment and world around us. Brighton Bicycles are tools to be used every day by everyone, on journeys big and small.

We have created a range of long-lasting, well-built and meticulously specced bicycles for a broad range of customers. From the everyday commuter to the world traveller, all Brighton Bicycles have been designed with longevity, quality and value as top priorities. Bikes to be used all day, every day. Bikes that simply make you smile.

Our Mission

Get more bums on saddles!

More people cycling means more smiling faces and a happy planet, it really is that simple. It’s proven time and time again that cycling…

More people cycling means more smiling faces and a happy planet, it really is that simple. It’s proven time and time again that cycling can have a huge effect on society and the environment. Bikes are a simple and effective tool in dealing with many of the issues we all face, from poor air quality, fitness, traffic congestion, and rising global temperatures.

By building bikes that last, and that hold up to the rigours of day-to-day riding, we are building a sustainable transport alternative. Here are a few links to interesting and informative articles about the benefits of cycling.


BMJ: Health Benefits of Cycling are Staggering

Sustrans: Cycling and Walking are Great for Mental Health


DfT: The Value of Cycling

Cycling UK: Cycling and the Economy


Sustrans: The Climate Crisis and Transport

European Cyclists’ Federation: Quantifying CO2 Savings of Cycling

What we do

Hand-Built Bikes

We build your new bike to order

We produce a range of hand-built bikes for a wide variety of uses. With our humble roots in cycle commuting, we have built on a base of trustworthy and solid bikes. This has flourished into adventure-ready touring bikes and city-friendly E-bikes.

Bike buying should be about finding a bike that fits you. That’s why we offer multiple custom options with every bike. Not only does this mean you can find a bike that will work for your needs, but also you know it is going to fit your body.

Everyone is different and everyone cycles for different reasons. So why should all bikes be the same? Every booking made to test-ride a bike will come with a comprehensive consultation with us, so that you end up with the best bike for the job.

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City centre servicing for all brands

Aside from building our bikes we also run a bike workshop with the ability to fix and service most bikes of any brand. With same-day turnaround and honest advice, our central location makes us the perfect drop-off point for your yearly service.

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